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.32 S&W Caliber Revolvers

We recently received a comment from a visitor that we did not have any S&W .32 Long caliber revolvers in our database. Actually, that is correct. The only .32 Long caliber handguns that we currently have in our database are a couple of derringers. Not to say that we don't have revolvers that will shoot the S&W .32 Long cartridge. In fact, all revolvers that can shoot the newer .32 H&R Magnum or .327 Federal Magnum cartridge can also shoot the S&W .32 Long cartridge. So, that brings us up to over 30 models in the database that can shoot the S&W .32 Long cartridge. 

But as for revolvers that were specifically designed for the S&W .32 Long, well the problem is that the popularity of the .32 Long caliber started to wane in the mid 20th century, probably to the rise of the .32 Magnum and .38 Special during the same time. Furthermore, Smith & Wesson was about the only manufacturer that made revolvers for that .32 caliber cartridge. (Except for maybe Iver Johnson - there should be a whole other discussion about getting Iver Johnson guns into our database.) The last S&W .32 Long revolver that Smith & Wesson made was in 1992.

In fact, here's a breakdown of all that we have found for the only Smith & Wesson models that were actually designed for the .32 Long cartridge:

MODEL 1903 (EARLY.32 HAND EJECTOR) First, Second and Third Models, multiple Changes, 6 shot fluted cylinder, 3 1/4, 4 1/4, or 6 in. barrel, blue or nickel, black rubber grips, round butt, cylinder stop is mounted in frame top-strap Mfg.1896 - 1942

MODEL 30 (THE 32 HAND EJECTOR) improved I-frame and J-frame, 6 shot, 2, 3, 3 1/4, 4, 4 1/4, or 6 in. barrel, round or square butt, walnut grips, fixed sights, blue or nickel finish. H serial prefix starts in 1969. Mfg. 1948-1976.

MODEL 31 (THE 32 REGULATION POLICE) improved I-frame and J-frame, fixed sights, 2, 3, 3 1/4, 4, or 4 1/4 in. barrel, square butt, blue or nickel only. H serial prefix starts in 1969. Mfg. 1948-1991. 

None of these guns  are currently in our database. In order to make it into our database we need to have a good profile picture, and a minimum of three dimensional specs: Overall Length, Barrel Length and Weight.

So, we are asking our users for some help on the specs for these three models. Any information you can provide will be greatly appreciated. You can create a account and leave a public comment on this article. You can use our Contact form to send us information without having to log in. If you have any pictures that are relevant just let us know and we will send you an email to attach the picture in reply.

Also if any of you have knowledge of other revolvers specifically designed for the S&W .32 Long caliber, please let us know.



MODEL 30 (THE 32 HAND EJECTOR) Blued finish.

MODEL 30 (THE 32 HAND EJECTOR) Nickel finish.

MODEL 31 (THE 32 REGULATION POLICE) 2-inch barrel.

Pre - MODEL 31 (32 REGULATION POLICE) 4-inch barrel.

Pre - MODEL 31 (32 REGULATION POLICE) 6-inch barrel.

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By alex at 3/10/2019 4:33:59 PM

I have seen many Harrington & Richardson six-shot revolvers for sale on Gunbroker, some marked "32 S&W L" and  some "32 S&W". The ones I find most interesting are 632/633/732/733 series with 2-1/2" barrels and round butts ... clearly intended for pocket carry. The older ones have firing pin integral with hammer; the newer have a transfer bar and are presumably drop safe and carriable with all chambers loaded. There are also older generation H&R revolvers in 32 S&W with shrouded or bobbed hammers, many of which are pull-pin or top break designs. H&R may be as much a research project as Iver Johnson if you want to expand your database in this caliber. Best regards.

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