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Iver Johnson - Original Manufacturer


We have completed enough research to move  Iver Johnson Original handgun models into the the Handgun Database.

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On-going research on Iver Johnson handguns... this research article focuses on the original Iver Johnson manufacturer from 1871 to 1993. This research also covers only the smokeless powder models that were in production in the 20th century. Iver Johnson made several 19th century black powder models. Some were converted to smokeless powder cartridges and continued production into the early twentieth century. As we find the specs on those models we will include them.

A minimum of six specs and a decent profile image are required for a handgun to be added to our database. The six specs are overall length, barrel length, weight, caliber, capacity and trigger style. Nice information to have includes frame material, grip material, safety (if any) and sights. 

Known as Iver Johnson Arms & Cycle Works in its early years, the company was formed by Norwegian born gunsmith Iver Johnson in 1871, initially established in Worcester, Massachusetts.  As the name implies, the company made both firearms and bicycles (later motorcycles). Around World War I the company began divesting itself from non-firearms concerns in the face of growing firearms demand. The company eventually dropped "Cycle Works" from its title when that part of the business was finally shut down. The business was successful through World War II. But, after World War II the company's introduction of new firearms slowed. In 1975 the name changed to Iver Johnson's Arms, Inc., and two years later, company facilities were moved to Middlesex, New Jersey. In 1982, production was moved again to Jacksonville, Arizona under the trade name Iver Johnson Arms, Inc. Without the development of newer, more modern firearms designs the company's sales dropped significantly over the years and its resources were eventually sold off to American Military Arms Corporation in 1993.

In 2003 the Iver Johnson name and logo was acquired by importer Squires Bingham International and reused to market firearms in the US imported from the Philippines, Turkey and Belgium, including 1911-style semi-automatic pistols. While the name and logo are the same as the original company, there is no other connection or relation with that previous manufacturer. This newer company will also be separately added to the database once the original manufacturer is properly covered.

Also note that particularly for revolvers a model may have various barrel length and caliber options. Those will be represented in our database for as many decent profile images as we can find. Where we can't find specific information for those options, that will be called out in the description field of the representative model.


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