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Genitron.com is a free public information service and by default we do not require any information from you in order to use our website. We do track search statistics for our database, but only for what is searched and not who is doing the searching. We use this information on our Statistics page for the top 20 handguns searched for the month: www.genitron.com/Handgun-Statistics.

You have the ability to create a personal handgun list on our website. This can be done anonymously, but requires that we put a cookie in your browser to keep track of your personal list. There is no information in the cookie other than an index into our database for the handguns you select.

Community Accounts:
If you would like to leave public comments or rate handguns in our database you can create a free Community Account on Genitron.com: www.genitron.com/join. All that is required from you is a valid email address and a name that we can call you by. Normally we will only use your email address to send you the approval status of a submitted comment.

If you create a personal handgun list under your Community Account we store that list in our database with your account information instead of using a cookie. This allows you to view your personal list across all of your Internet connected devices. As with the cookie, there is no information in that list other than an index into our database for the handguns you select.

Community Emails:
We won't bother our community members with any periodic newsletters. Although, we may on vary rare occasions send out an email to our members concerning updates and issues associated with the Genitron.com website, but that's it.

We won't share your email address with anyone at any time (we're big on the Fourth Amendment).

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By Ginnstats at 3/8/2020 11:20:35 AM

Great policy!

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