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Top 500 Handguns Searched in 2019

Another year has gone by and here are the 2019 search statistics for our handgun database. The total database view volume for 2019 was 1,261,076 views, which is up from 2018 by an incredible 418,274 views. Note, this number is for all views (Make, Model, Caliber, Variant) and includes repeat views from the same visitor.

What we want to see though, is which manufacturer and model (regardless of caliber and variant) received unique (non repeating) views for the year. With those filters set the number of distinct views for the year was 847,102. That's unique views from over a million visits in 2019.

Here's the breakdown including gun type.

  • Total Distinct Views: 847,102
  • Distinct Pistol Views: 704,060
  • Distinct Revolver Views: 143,042

It should be noted that the number one gun searched for and viewed in 2019 is the Taurus Raging Hornet. But, Taurus wasn't the number one manufacturer searched for and viewed in 2019. That title goes again to Smith & Wesson with a total of 85,083 views across 75 different models.

Remember, you can always view the top twenty handguns searched for the current month HERE.

Of the top 500 handguns searched, broken down by the numbers of models searched for and total views, here are the top 10 manufacturers searched:

Finally, here are the top 500 handguns searched for and viewed in 2019. Is your gun there?

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