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Top 500 Handguns Searched in 2020


 Wow! What a year was 2020?

Well, things certainly looked good for our website. We saw a whopping 33% increase in database activity over the previous year, exceeding 1.87 million views in 2020. I would like to think it was because we have a really great website. Or maybe, because we dropped the clutter of advertising last year so our website would provide just the data to our visitors, clean and concise. But in reality, it was most likely due to the pandemic lockdowns, riots in city after city, social and political unrest, the lack of police support and the increasing perceived need to protect one’s self.

Nah, it had to be our great ad-free website!
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Anyway, let’s look at those numbers.

The total database view volume for 2020 was 1,873,636 views, which is up from 2019 by a substantial  612,560 views. Note, this number is for all views (Make, Model, Caliber, Variant) and includes repeat views from the same visitor.

What we want to see though, is which manufacturer and model (regardless of caliber and variant) received unique (non repeating) views for the year. With those filters set the number of distinct views for the year was 1,084,235. That's unique views from over 1.87 million visits in 2020.

Here's the breakdown including gun type.

  • Total Distinct Views: 1,084,235
  • Distinct Pistol Views: 913,464
  • Distinct Revolver Views: 170,771

These numbers on distinct views were up on average around 20% from 2019.

It is interesting to note that the number one gun searched for and viewed in 2020 was a Ring of Fire handgun, the Raven P-25. Does this say something about the social climate in 2020? The search for a cheap, concealable throw-away style handgun? Is this the sign of the times? Who knows.

Remember, you can always view the top twenty handguns searched for the current month HERE.

Of the top 500 handguns searched, broken down by the numbers of models searched for and total views, here are the top 25 manufacturers searched. Again, note that two Ring of Fire handgun manufacturers, Raven and Jimenez, made the top 25 manufacturers, and that four of their handguns made it into the top ten handguns searched for in 2020.

Finally, here are the top 500 handguns searched for and viewed in 2020. Is your gun there?

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