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We really aren't that big. is actually managed by a father-and-son team of computer engineers who are also avid gun collectors and shooting enthusiasts. We made our website as professional looking as possible to enhance the user experience. We respond to any queries and requests with the same professionalism as we do in our day jobs (albeit, the father is now retired and does most of the work!). (Hadron Enterprises, LLC) is just a two-man operation.
We hate ads!
Looking for a way to fund this website when we started it years ago, we took on a single firearms related ad banner near the top of our pages. That ad banner provided just enough income to run our website for quite a while without asking our users for anything. But, our ad agency sold out to a bigger company that wanted larger ad space at much lower revenue. Today, ad agencies want to stick ads everywhere and pay virtually nothing for them. We hate it, and it ruins the user experience. We said no more ads. You now get our content totally ad free.
You like us.
We assume since you got this far that there must have been something we offer that you like. If you found any of our content helpful or useful, or if we helped you with any handgun questions or issues (ask us through our |Contact| page) then consider contributing to our efforts. We'll take any amount you think we are worth; $1, $3, $5. If you use our website regularly, consider a monthly contribution. Help us continue to be here for you. Click that link at the top!