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This is an information-only website presented as a public service for the purpose of providing technical data and pricing on as many handguns as we can find on the market today. We do not actually sell handguns, but rather provide a resource to help people make decisions on which handguns they are interested in.

READER ALERT! Your Action is needed...

The United States Administration and Department of Justice are using a proposed BATFE ammo ban "framework" to throttle your Second Amendment rights!

We are posting three online articles here to read so you can understand the issue. Two of the articles provide the tools and resources you need to tell the BATFE and your congressional representatives that you oppose the BATFE's administrative fiat intended to undercut the Second Amendment. Time is of the essense as comments will only be considered by BATFE if received by March 16, 2015.

Protect Your Constitutional Rights and America's Sovereignty

If you are visiting this website then it's a strong bet that you have an interest in your self defense and the protection of your property. These are fundamental rights that were understood by our Founding Fathers which, among many others, they intended to protect. But these fundamental rights of life, liberty and sovereignty are under attack. They could be lost forever, and it's your fault. Yes, your fault - if you don't know our history, if you are apathetic about our governance, if you don't get involved.

Don't think that it is not up to you. It is, and there are a few simple things that you can do -should do -must do to secure your rights and America's sovereignty. First, read the US Constitution and the Bill of Rights. The Founding Fathers wrote these documents for us -"We the People". These documents were written in simple, straightforward language easy to read and understand. Two of the biggest problems with our government today are its failure to keep things simple and our failure to actually read what is written about it. Second, register to vote and then fully implement that power by getting out and actually voting. Don't be apathetic. Be active in protecting your rights. Third, join the NRA. This grass roots organization is widely recognized today as a major political force and as America's foremost defender of your Second Amendment rights.

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bullet The Search Handguns and Compare Handguns links give you access to's online database of handguns. Here you have tools to search for and compare any handgun in the database. A new ranking feature has been added to give you a measure of a handgun's power, recoil and self-defense status.
bullet The ALL NEW Stats and Rankings link provides general statistics about the handgun database. It also has a tool for ranking the Top 100 handgun models based on the four primary rank categories; Power Factor, Recoil Factor, Concealability and Defense Factor, along with selection filters such as handgun type and caliber.
bullet The Manufacturer List link provides information on all the major handgun manufacturers and importers with links to their websites and searches into's handgun database by manufacturer.
bullet The Handgun Basics link provides educational and other general handgun related information, including fully animated and interactive illustrations of the internal operation of a semiautomatic pistol and revolver.
bullet The Handgun Reviews section has hands-on reviews of many popular modern handguns. This section is updated periodically.
bullet The 360 Degree Views section provides animated interactive full rotational views of many of the handguns featured on this website. You can view these handguns from any angle.
bullet The Unique Handguns section is where you will find several of the more unique handguns that we came across while compiling our database. If you can't find your gun in our database, then maybe it's here.
bullet The Related Links section provides links to many handgun related websites.
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