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There are 20 pistols and 0 revolvers from this manufacturer in the Handgun Database.

Handgun Manufacturer: BUL

 BUL Transmark Ltd.
 Rival Street 10
 Tel Aviv Israel 
 +972 3 6392911

About the Manufacturer
BUL Ltd. was founded early in 1990 as a privately held company, specializing in the development, construction and maintenance of indoor shooting ranges both in Israel and abroad. Wishing to expand its line of activities, the company began developing a high capacity polymer 1911 pistol. In 1992 the BUL M-5 was introduced, and since then the company has developed and produced several semi-automatic polymer frame handgun models. For current US imports of M5 pistols please refer to the Charles Daly section of this database.

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Caliber Pistols Revolvers
.40 S&W 5
.45 Auto 6
9 mm 9
Revolver Models Variants

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