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There are 0 pistols and 14 revolvers from this manufacturer in the Handgun Database.

Handgun Manufacturer: Rexio

 Lasserre S.A.
 2011 Lasserre SA
  Buenos Aires Argentina
 +54 11 4201 1218
 Eagle Imports Inc.
 1750 Brielle Ave. Unit B-1
 Wanamassa NJ 07712

About the Manufacturer
Lasserre S.A. is an Argentine company born in 1969 in the city of Buenos Aires, with international projection, which under the brand name REXIO is dedicated to the manufacture of weapons for defence use of military, police and civilian, following a family tradition that dates from 1920.

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Caliber Pistols Revolvers
.22 LR 2
.357 Mag 6
.38 Spl +P 4
.45/.410 Cal 2
Revolver Models Variants
Comanche I 2
Comanche II 4
Comanche III 6
Super Comanche 2
Pistol Models Variants

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