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AMT Model Automag III

Produced:1992 - 2001
Caliber:.30 Carbine
Action:recoil operated semi-automatic
Trigger:single-action (SA)
Safety:slide mounted firing pin block
Frame:stainless steel
Grips:grooved Lexan
Sights:adj. Millett rear sight
Barrel Length:6.625 in.
Overall Length:10.5 in.
Height:No Data
Width:1.25 in.
Weight:43 oz.

Manufacturer:Phone Number:
AMT-High Standard Manufacturing Co.800-272-7816
5200 MithcelldaleWebsite:
Houston TX 77092www.highstandard.com
Importer:Phone Number:
Used Est.:$445
Last Update: 5/6/2017

Caliber:.30 Carbine
Alias:.30 M1 Carbine
Muzzle Velocities - from1930to1990ft/sec
Muzzle Energies - from910to967ft-lb
Bullet Weights - from110to110gr

Ranking Factors
Power Factor:144241- IDPA Rating Calculation
Recoil Factor:5.29 ft-lb- Standard Free Recoil Calculation
Total Capacity:9 rounds- Includes Chambered Rounds
Defense Factor:72%

About the Manufacturer:
Arcadia Machine & Tool, or AMT, was a firearms manufacturer from Irwindale, California that produced a line of pistols using the name AutoMag from 1982 to 1995. These semi-automatic pistols carried a name similar to the sole pistol model that the defunct Auto-Mag Coproration had previously produced. But, there is no connection other than the name similarity.

AMT did not fare well in business and eventually went bankrupt. AMT's assets and trademark were acquired by IAI (Irwindale Arms Incorporated). Later, in 1998, Galena Industries of Sturgis, South Dakota purchased the company and produced firearms in the style of AMT's until 2001. They were finally acquired by the High Standard Manufacturing Company of Houston, Texas. High Standard still produces various models under the AMT brand, based on original AMT designs.
About the Cartridge:
This cartridge was developed just prior to WWII for the military to use in its newly selected Winchester semi-automatic 30 M1 carbine. It is basically a modification of the Winchester 32 Self-Loading round of 1906. It is considered in the same class as the 32-20 WCF round with an effective range of about 150 yards.
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