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American Derringer Model Lady Derringer

Produced:1990 -
Caliber:.45/.410 Cal
Trigger:single-action (SA)
Safety:hammer block
Frame:stainless steel
Grips:synthetic ivory
Sights:blade front
Notes:breech loaded over/under barrels
Barrel Length:3 in.
Overall Length:4.8 in.
Height:No Data
Width:No Data
Weight:15.5 oz.

Manufacturer:Phone Number:
American Derringer Corporation254-799-9111
127 North Lacy DriveWebsite:
Waco TX 76705www.amderringer.com
Importer:Phone Number:
Used Est.:$615
Last Update: 4/17/2017

Caliber:.45 Colt
Alias:.45 Long Colt
Muzzle Velocities - from860to1100ft/sec
Muzzle Energies - from355to537ft-lb
Bullet Weights - from200to255gr

Ranking Factors
Power Factor:205628- IDPA Rating Calculation
Recoil Factor:21.46 ft-lb- Standard Free Recoil Calculation
Total Capacity:2 rounds- Includes Chambered Rounds
Defense Factor:75%

About the Handgun:
All American Derringers are equipped with a manually operated Hammer Block type safety. The safety automatically disengages when the hammer is cocked. The Lady Derringer comes new packed in a French fitted leatherette display case.
About the Manufacturer:
Established in the early 1980s, this gunmaking business has offered an extensive range of two-shot derringers based on the Remington Double Derringer, as well as the latest incarnation of the Semmerling pistol design.
About the Cartridge:
This cartridge was adopted by the US Army in 1873 for the legendary Colt Single Action Army 'Peacemaker' revolver. This is yet another cartridge that was originally a black-powder design. This cartridge is still very popular today, used in many derringers and cowboy action revolvers.
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