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Cobra Model FS 32

Produced:2001 -
Caliber:.32 Auto
Action:blowback operated semi-auto
Trigger:single-action (SA)
Safety:frame mounted safety
Grips:black or white molded plastic
Sights:fixed front blade, fixed rear notch
Barrel Length:3.5 in.
Overall Length:6.4 in.
Height:5 in.
Width:No Data
Weight:33 oz.

Manufacturer:Phone Number:
Cobra Enterprises of Utah801-908-8300
1960 S. Milestone Dr.,Suite FWebsite:
Salt Lake City UT 84104www.cobrapistols.net
Importer:Phone Number:
Used Est.:$100
Last Update: 9/8/2017

Caliber:.32 Automatic
Alias:7.65mm Browning
Muzzle Velocities - from800to980ft/sec
Muzzle Energies - from100to130ft-lb
Bullet Weights - from60to71gr

Ranking Factors
Power Factor:59179- IDPA Rating Calculation
Recoil Factor:0.73 ft-lb- Standard Free Recoil Calculation
Total Capacity:9 rounds- Includes Chambered Rounds
Defense Factor:52%

About the Handgun:
The CA and FS pocket pistols use essentially the same basic design, but with different barrel lengths and different grip lengths. The larger FS series have generally more rounded surfaces. All are made virtually entirely of steel. Available in several finishes at an additional cost; black powder coat, chrome, satin nickel, black chrome, royal blue, ruby red, majestic pink, imperial purple and King Cobra copper.
About the Manufacturer:
Makers of double barrel derringers, and semi-auto pistols, both single-action and double-action. This pistol manufacturer was established in 2001 as Cobra Enterprises. In to 2004 the name was changed to Cobra Enterprises of Utah, Inc.
About the Cartridge:
Initially introduced in europe, this semi-rimmed centerfire cartridge came to the United States when Colt introduced its 'Pocket Model' semiautomatic pistol. Like the .25 ACP, the .32 ACP is considered by many as too weak to be an effective self-defense round. But it has been an extremely popular caliber, notably by the fact that practically all minor and major manufacturers of autoloading handguns in the world have built millions of small pocket autoloaders in .32 Auto.
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