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Korth Model Combat

Produced:1967 -
Caliber:.22 LR
Action:revolving chamber
Trigger:double-action (DA/SA)
Grips:matte walnut
Notes:also available in .22WMR, .38 Spl and .357 Mag
Barrel Length:4 in.
Overall Length:No Data
Height:No Data
Width:No Data
Weight:No Data

Manufacturer:Phone Number:
Korth Germany GmbH04541-840363
Robert-Bosch-Str. 11Website:
Ratzeburg Germany www.korthwaffen.de
Importer:Phone Number:
Korth USA978-851-8656
437R Chandler St.Website:
Tewksbury MA 01876www.korthusa.com
Used Est.:$
Last Update: 7/30/2016

Caliber:.22 LR
Alias:.22 Long Rifle
Muzzle Velocities - from1050to1435ft/sec
Muzzle Energies - from98to191ft-lb
Bullet Weights - from32to40gr

Ranking Factors
Power Factor:22158- IDPA Rating Calculation
Recoil Factor:No Data- Standard Free Recoil Calculation
Total Capacity:6 rounds- Includes Chambered Rounds
Concealability:No Data
Defense Factor:No Data

About the Handgun:
Korth handguns are very high quality and are literally manufactured one-at-a-time, resulting in limited mfg. (less than 100 annually) and extremely limited importation to the US. These guns are as rare as they are expensive.
About the Manufacturer:
Founded in 1954 by Willi Korth, a railway engineer, this gunmaking business began by manufacturing alarm revolvers using steel from scrapped WWII vintage machine guns. This enabled Korth to profit from the design of his basic action and to develop the strict quality standards which would later be applied to his conventional revolvers. The first cartridge revolver appeared in 1964. A pistol was developed shortly before Korth's death in 1982 but did not reach the market for some years later. In April, 2000 the Korth company was purchased by Freylinger & Co., gunsmiths in Levange, Luxemburg. Korth guns are renowned for their exceptional quality, and are priced appropriately.
About the Cartridge:
The Stevens Arms Co. developed the .22 Long Rifle rimfire cartridge from the .22 Long cartridge case developed 16 years earlier, with a 40 grain round nose bullet loaded to a higher velocity than the older 29 grain .22 Long bullet. Modern .22 Long Rifle High Velocity cartridges drive a 40 grain copper-plated bullet at a muzzle velocity of 1255 fps and muzzle energy of 140 ft-lbs from a rifle barrel. This rimfire cartridge has become the most popular sporting and target shooting cartridge in the world.
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