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STI International Model Edge

Produced:1997 -
Caliber:.38 Super
Action:recoil operated semi-automatic
Trigger:single-action (SA)
Safety:grip safety, manual thumb safety
Grips:modular polymer
Sights:STI front, STI adjustable rear
Notes:blued finish, ramped bull barrel
Barrel Length:5 in.
Overall Length:8.625 in.
Height:5.6 in.
Width:No Data
Weight:39 oz.

Manufacturer:Phone Number:
STI International512-819-0656
114 Halmar CoveWebsite:
Georgetown TX 78628www.stiguns.com
Importer:Phone Number:
Used Est.:$1625
Last Update: 11/19/2017

Caliber:.38 Super Automatic
Alias:.38 Super Auto Colt
Muzzle Velocities - from1148to1557ft/sec
Muzzle Energies - from368to500ft-lb
Bullet Weights - from90to150gr

Ranking Factors
Power Factor:154200- IDPA Rating Calculation
Recoil Factor:4.06 ft-lb- Standard Free Recoil Calculation
Total Capacity:11 rounds- Includes Chambered Rounds
Defense Factor:78%

About the Handgun:
The EDGE is designed for USPSA/IPSC Limited Division competition shooting as well as and law enforcement training. Built on the patented modular steel frame with polymer grip, it delivers the traditional features of a 1911 and allows the added benefit of high capacity magazines. The frame design preserves the original 1911 angle of the grip in relation to the slide. The essential design element for high capacity, the polymer grip, allows for double stack magazines without over-sizing the circumference of the grip, which remains comparatively the same as the circumference of a 1911. The Eagle has a classic scalloped slide with front and rear cocking serrations, dovetail front sight and adjustable rear sight. The Eagle comes standard with features such as a stainless steel hi-ride grip safety and stainless steel ambi-thumb safety.
About the Manufacturer:
Established in 1980 by Virgil Tripp, a gunsmith and machinist, this Texas-based company manufactures complete M1911 pistols and parts for competition, duty and self-defense. It is most well known for its modular frame guns (so-called because the lower grip and trigger guard, which is made of a fiber reinforced plastic, is a separate component from the metal upper portion of the frame that comprises the dust cover and frame rails). STI and Strayer Voigt Inc. share the patent on the modular frame.
About the Cartridge:
Introduced by Colt as an improved version of the older .38 Auto, the Super Auto is identical to the original cartridge except that it uses a more powerful loading. For many years this cartridge was considered the most powerful automatic pistol cartridge made in the US from the standpoint of both velocity and energy. It can give greater penetration than the .45 Auto cartridge, bit is inferior to the .45 Auto in actual stopping power for defense use.
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