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Model PMR-30
Kel-Tec Pistol PMR-30 .22 Mag (WMR) Variant-1
Scale To:
Gun Dimensions Width:1.3-in
Length:7.9-in Height:5.8-in
Barrel:4.3-in Weight:15-oz
1 Variant
Gun Rankings
  • IDPA Power Factor34903
  • Recoil Factor0.59 ft-lb
  • Total Capacity31 rounds
  • ConcealabilityFair
  • Defense Factor97%
Gun Specifications
Produced:2010 -
Caliber:.22 Mag (WMR)
Action:hybrid blowback/locked breech
Trigger:single-action (SA)
Safety:frame mounted ambi safety
Frame:polymer over aluminum
Grip:integrated polymer
Sights:fiber optic front and rear
Kel-Tec CNC Industries Inc.
More Info
Gun Value
MSRP:$455.00Used Est:$440.00
Last Update:11/4/2018
About the Gun

The Kel-Tec PMR-30 handgun operates via a unique hybrid blowback/locked-breech system compatible with a variety of rimfire ammunition. The system adjusts between blowback and locked-breech based on the pressure produced by a given cartridge. Fitting flush with the pistol's polymer grip, the double-stack magazine holds 30 rounds. Fiber-optic front and rear sights are standard.

Cartridge Specifications
Cartridge: .22 Magnum
Alias: .22 Winchester Magnum Rimfire (WMR)
MV: From 1875 to 2200 ft/sec
ME: From 312 to 324 ft-lb
WT: From 30 to 40 grains
About the Cartridge

This cartridge pushes the limits of pressure possible with a rimfire case. Also referred to as the .22 WMR, the .22 Magnum was initially offered with 40 grain FMJ and JHP bullets at an advertised muzzle velocity of 2000 fps from a rifle barrel and 1550 fps from a pistol barrel. Due to the high supersonic velocity, .22 WMR cartridges are loaded with jacketed bullets. The various 30-40 grain JHP bullets are best for varmint hunting, but are overly destructive on small game.

User Rating
2 User Ratings
3 User Comments
User Comments

5 of 5 Stars
By Tomsglock on 05 Sep 2018
Amazing pistol, zero issues. Runs flawlessly.

5 of 5 Stars
By Tomsglock on 05 Sep 2018
An awesome pistol, got it last week and have put a couple hundred rounds through it flawlessly. Love this pistol, with the 30 round mags it’s like a pocket AR.

5 of 5 Stars
By motorcyclenut on 01 Jan 2018
Very light, great trigger and what a muzzle blast (flame!)