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 First and foremost, WE DO NOT SELL HANDGUNS here at Genitron.com.

We are a Handgun Information Resource that collects, organizes and presents information on as many 20th and 21st century handguns we can find. The information is stored in a searchable database which is available to Internet visitors free of charge.

Handgun information is provided through many resources. For current handguns in production most information is provided by the handgun manufacturers themselves. We also rely on handgun dealers, clubs and associations for additional information. Quite often we get feedback from our visitors about missed or incorrect information. Our website visitors are key in keeping our information accurate and relevant.

Handgun pricing is also determined by many resources. The "MSRP" (Manufacturer's Suggested Retail Price) typically comes directly from the manufacturer for guns currently in production. As we have been collecting information since 2005, the MSRP for guns that have gone out of production since then represents the price gathered from the manufacturer during the last year of their production. For older guns no longer in production we research old catalogs and use other internet resources to determine the last MSRP.

The "Used Est" (Used Estimate) price is an average value we determine for used handguns that are in "Like New" to "Very Good"  condition. This is not by any means an exact number.  Rather it is a number that represents a used handgun's current relevant market value. This value is an aggregate determined by a number of resources, including publications such as  the "Blue Book of Gun Values", the "Standard Catalog of Values" and various gun buying periodicals. We also search online markets such as "GunBroker.com", "GunsAmerica.com" and "ArmsList.com" to name a few, to determine current asking prices for many guns. We try to keep these numbers updated at least once a year. As such we post a "Last Update" date along with the value so visitors will know how old the numbers are.

At any rate, if you are in the market to buy or sell a handgun these numbers should help determine if you are getting a bang for your buck (pun intended). In most cases a gun purchase value, either new or used-like-new, should land somewhere in between the listed MSRP and Used Est values.

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You can now create a free user account on Genitron.com. With this account you will be able to rate handguns in our database as well as leave comments on handguns and articles posted on Genitron.com. You will also be able to save your private handgun list in the Genitron.com database so you can can view it from any of your Internet connected devices or Internet browsers.  All that is required to create an account is a valid email address. Your email address will never be shared or used by Genitron.com for any purpose except for your account maintenance, such as resetting a forgotten password, or for announcing status or feature changes on our website.


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