Handgun Cartridge Detail

Cartridge Specifications for Caliber: .22 Short
.22 Short
.22 Short
Case Type: Rimfire, straight
Introduced: 1857 Made For:Rifle
Cart Len:0.695-in Case Len:0.421-in
Case Dia:0.226-in Bul Dia:0.225-in
Ballistics approximated for:
9.5-inch pistol barrel
Cartridge Variants:
From:27 gr1025 ft/sec63 ft-lbs
To:29 gr1016 ft/sec67 ft-lbs
Cartridge Used in Database
29 gr1016 ft/sec67 ft-lbs
Rankings for
Cartridge Used in Database
PF: 29470 TKO: 0.947

This cartridge holds the record for being in continuous production longer than any other commercial cartridge. It began in the black-powder era when it was introduced with Smith & Wesson's First Model revolver. At the time it was intended as a self defense round, but today its in the category of small varmint shooting and short-range gallery plinking.