Handgun Cartridge Detail

Cartridge Specifications for Caliber: .25 Auto
.25 Automatic (6.35mm Browning)
.25 Automatic
Case Type: Rimless, straight
Introduced: 1908 Made For:Semi-Auto
Cart Len:0.910-in Case Len:0.615-in
Case Dia:0.278-in Bul Dia:0.251-in
Ballistics measured with:
2-inch pistol barrel
Cartridge Variants
From:35 gr900 ft/sec63 ft-lbs
To50 gr900 ft/sec90 ft-lbs
Cartridge Used in Database
50 gr760 ft/sec64 ft-lbs
Rankings for
Cartridge Used in Database
PF: 38000 TKO: 1.363

This cartridge was introduced in the United States along with the Browning-designed, Colt manufactured 'Vest Pocket' pistol. Also referred to as the 6.35mm Browning, this semi-rimmed centerfire cartridge has fairly high velocity for such a small size. However, the energy it delivers at any range is quite low. This, combined with the full metal jacketed bullet, adds up to a very poor stopping or killing power on anything. The .25 ACP is not powerful enough for hunting anything but pests, nor is it adequate for serious self defense. However, the .25 auto caliber pistols are popular because of their small size and low cost.