Handgun Cartridge Detail

Cartridge Specifications for Caliber: .327 Federal Mag
.327 Federal Magnum
.327 Federal Magnum
Case Type: Rimmed, straight
Introduced: 2008 Made For:Revolver
Cart Len:1.475-in Case Len:1.200-in
Case Dia:0.337-in Bul Dia:0.313-in
Ballistics measured with:
4-inch revolver barrel
Cartridge Variants
From:75 gr1500 ft/sec375 ft-lbs
To115 gr1400 ft/sec501 ft-lbs
Cartridge Used in Database
100 gr1500 ft/sec500 ft-lbs
Rankings for
Cartridge Used in Database
PF: 150000 TKO: 6.707

The .327 Federal Magnum is a new cartridge introduced by Sturm, Ruger and Federal Cartridge, intended to provide the power of a .357 Magnum in six shot, compact revolvers, whose cylinders only hold 5 rounds of the larger .357 Magnum cartridge. The .327 Federal provides performance similar to the high velocity rifle loadings of the old .32-20 Winchester, though in much shorter barrel.