Handgun Cartridge Detail

Cartridge Specifications for Caliber: .480 Ruger
.480 Ruger
.480 Ruger
Case Type: Semi-rimmed, straight
Introduced: 2003 Made For:Revolver
Cart Len:1.650-in Case Len:1.285-in
Case Dia:0.504-in Bul Dia:0.476-in
Ballistics measured with:
7.5-inch revolver barrel
Cartridge Variants
From:275 gr1550 ft/sec1467 ft-lbs
To425 gr1200 ft/sec1359 ft-lbs
Cartridge Used in Database
400 gr1200 ft/sec1279 ft-lbs
Rankings for
Cartridge Used in Database
PF: 480000 TKO: 32.606

From a performance perspective this cartridge falss in between the .44 Remington Magnum and the .454 Casull cartridges. It has slightly less relative recoil than either the .454 Casull or the .50 Action Express cartridges. Designed initially for use in Sturm Ruger's Super Redhawk revolvers, MAgnum Research and Taurus now also have revolvers chambered for this big game hunting round.