Handgun Cartridge Detail

Cartridge Specifications for Caliber: .500 S&W
.500 S&W Magnum (.500 Smith & Wesson Magnum)
.500 S&W Magnum
Case Type: Semi-rimmed, straight
Introduced: 2003 Made For:Revolver
Cart Len:2.250-in Case Len:1.625-in
Case Dia:0.530-in Bul Dia:0.500-in
Ballistics measured with:
8.375-inch revolver barrel
Cartridge Variants
From:275 gr1665 ft/sec1688 ft-lbs
To500 gr1500 ft/sec2498 ft-lbs
Cartridge Used in Database
500 gr1425 ft/sec2254 ft-lbs
Rankings for
Cartridge Used in Database
PF: 712500 TKO: 50.893

This cartridge is the most powerful factory load ever developed specifically for handgun use. It was developed by Cor-Bon with the 'X-Gun' engineering team at Smith & Wesson for use in their Model 500 series revolvers. The .500 S&W Magnum can develop over 2600 ft-lb of muzzle energy, nearly three times as much as the 900 ft-lb generated by the .44 Magnum.