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Armalite, Incorporated
PO Box 299
Geneseo IL 61254

About the Manufacturer:

This brand name has been around since 1954 when it started as ArmaLite Division of the Fairchild Engine and Airplane Corporation. That same year the famous Eugene Stoner became Chief Engineer at ArmaLite. While the company created innovative commercial and military weapon designs, bad timing and poor business decisions hampered its success. The company changed several hands over the years, even ending up in the Philippines for a while. In 1995 a US corporation, Eagle Arms, bought the rights to the ArmaLite trademark. The corporation was reorganized as ArmaLite, with Eagle Arms converted to a division of ArmaLite. Today this US company primarily manufactures and sells semi-automatic rifles in a variety of calibers. ArmaLite now also produces a line of semi-automatic pistols.

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