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Browning Corporation
One Browning Place
Morgan UT 84050

About the Manufacturer:

This US company is the descendant of the original Browning gunmaking business formed in 1880 as J.M. Browning & Bro.. The namesake designer, John Browning, is directly responsible for an estimated 80 separate firearms that evolved from his 128 patents. Around 1900 Browning established a business relationship with the arms manufacturer Fabrique Nationale (FN) of Belgium. Today the majority of Browning arms are manufactured by FN. Since 1976 Browning has also contracted Miroku of Japan and ATI in the US to manufacture both long arms and handguns with the Browning label.

.22 LR34
.380 Auto14
9 mm10
.40 S&W7
.45 Auto2
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