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-- Charles Daly --

There are 29 pistols and 15 revolvers from this manufacturer in the Handgun Database.
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Charles Daly
Out of business 2010
Harrisburg PA
No Phone No.

About the Manufacturer:

Charles Daly is actually a brand name established by its namesake for labeling imported firearms sold in the US through an importing company he started in New York circa 1875. Throughout the 19th and 20th century the Charles Daly brand has been used on imported firearms from such companies as Schiller, Linder, Heym and Sauer of Germany, J&W Tolley of England, Newman of Belgium and Lefever Arms of New York. In 1996 the Charles Daly brand was acquired by the importer KBI Inc.. A letter from Michael Kassnar posted on the Charles Daly Website on January 29, 2010 indicated that Charles Daly and KBI were going out of business and closing their doors effective January 29, 2010.

9 mm3
.40 S&W6
.357 Mag6
.45 Auto20
.45 Colt9
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