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There are 15 pistols and 45 revolvers from this manufacturer in the Handgun Database.
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Chiappa Firearms, Ltd.
Via Milano 2
Brescia Italy
Chiappa Firearms, Ltd. USA
6785 West 3rd Street
Dayton OH 45417

About the Manufacturer:

Ezechiele Chiappa founded Armi Sport in Italy in 1958. Over the years the company grew and eventually developed into the Chiappa Group in the late 1980's. The Chiappa Group has expanded to several industrial locations in Italy and the United States. The Corporate headquarters are located in Brescia, Italy.

January 1, 2007 Chiappa Firearms began re-structuring their distribution program for North America. Factory representation was based in the United States allowing direct communication for their customers. In addition to the direct North American representation, was the development of a service support center conveniently located in the United States providing warranty service, repairs, as well as Custom Shop service.

In 2009, Chiappa Firearms, Ltd., located in Dayton, Ohio expanded the North American operations moving to a new facility, and began manufacturing products specifically for the US market.

.22 LR105
.380 Auto1
.38 Spl1
9 mm24
.40 S&W110
.357 Mag25
.45 Auto1