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Deutsche Waffen- und Munitionsfabriken
Out of business
Berlin Germany
No Phone No.

About the Manufacturer:

DWM was an arms company in Imperial Germany created in 1896 when Ludwig Loewe & Company united its weapons and ammunition production facilities within one company. DWM introduced the Pistol Parabellum (commonly known as the 'Luger Pistol') in the early 1900s. PLEASE NOTE. This is BY NO MEANS a definitive accounting of Luger Parabellums produced by DWM. We are only showing a small representation of Parabellums that they manufactured. Over their 29 years of operation the company probably produced 1.5 million Parabellums or more, in as many as 200 different patterns. Some patterns were produced in tens of thousands and as such are somewhat common. Other patters were as few as five or ten and are extremely rare. We are not showing any of the rare patterns here. Whole catalogs are dedicated just to identifying and valuing DWM Parabellums, such as Gun Digest Books' "Standard Catalog of LUGER". We suggest referring to sources such as this for proper identification and pricing. For Parabellums manufactured after 1930 see Mauser.

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