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-- Dan Wesson --

There are 104 pistols and 6 revolvers from this manufacturer in the Handgun Database.
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Dan Wesson Corp.
5169 Highway 12 South
Norwich NY 13815

About the Manufacturer:

Dan Wesson was the great-grandson of D.B. Wesson, co-founder of Smith & Wesson. He worked in the family company from 1938 until 1963 when S & W was acquired by Bangor Punta. Having formed a tool and die company in 1948, he left S & W and changed the name of D. B. Wesson, Inc. to Dan Wesson Arms. The company did well selling silhouette revolvers. But, by 1983 the family had gotten out of the company and business began to slump. Then Seth (the son of Dan Wesson) and Carol Wesson took control of the company renaming it Wesson Firearms Co.. This version of the company soon floundered. After several years, New York International bought up the name and restarted a company intending to produce the Dan Wesson design guns again. In 2005 CZ-USA acquired Dan Wesson Firearms and continues to market guns with that label.

9 mm31
.38 Super4
.40 S&W3
.357 Mag3
.45 Auto53
10 mm13
.445 Super Mag3