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There are 18 pistols and 3 revolvers from this manufacturer in the Handgun Database.
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FireStorm Inc.
Brand discontinued in 2011
Buenos Aires Argentina
No Phone No.
SGS Importers Int'l Inc.
1750 Brielle Ave. Unit B-1
Wanamassa NJ 07712

About the Manufacturer:

'Firestorm' is the brand name of firearms owned and sold by SGS Importers International, Inc. until 2011. Revolvers and Government 1911 style pistols were manufactured in Spain by Fabrinor, S.A.L., and in the Philippines by Armscor. Bersa style models were imported from the same Argentina factory that produces the Bersa Thunder line of pistols. To make them slightly distinctive from the Bersa Thunder pistols, they were given a rounded trigger guard, a stock rubber wrap-around grip, and a smooth backstrap. Firestorm pistols were marketed only in the US, while Bersa pistols are marketed all over the world.

.22 LR2
.380 Auto2
.38 Spl +P3
9 mm3
.40 S&W3
.45 Auto8
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