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There are 3 pistols and 13 revolvers from this manufacturer in the Handgun Database.
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Harrington & Richardson
870 Remington Drive
Madison NC 27025

About the Manufacturer:

Originally Massachusetts based, manufacturer of utilitarian firearms for over 115 years, H & R ceased operation on January 24, 1986. A new company, H&R 1871, Inc., was formed in 1991 and started production of revolvers, single-shot rifles and shotguns using original H&R designs. H&R 1871, Inc. assets were subsequently sold to H&R 1871, LLC., a Connecticut LLC owned by the Marlin Firearms Company in November 2000. H&R 1871, LLC. did not extend their product warranty to H&R guns made prior to the LLC's takeover. Marlin, including all its H&R assets, was later acquired by Remington Arms Company in December, 2007. Current trademark with headquarters are co-located with Remington Arms in Madison, NC, beginning 2008.

.25 Auto1
.22 LR11
.32 Auto2
.32 S&W Long2
Pistol ModelsVariants
Self Loading 251
Self Loading 322
Revolver ModelsVariants
929 Sidekick3
999 Sportsman4