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High-Point Firearms
8611-A North Dixie Drive
Dayton OH 45414

About the Manufacturer:

Hi-Point owner Thomas Deeb was a television repairman before becoming a firearms manufacturer. After spending a couple of years designing the handguns and rifles he wanted to mass produce, he opened his Hi-Point factory near Mansfield, Ohio in 1992. Deeb's company is known for making inexpensive handguns so everyone - particularly the poor - can afford one for protection or recreation. While having such low-cost firearms on the the market always brings up questions about quality, according to Hi-Point they have one of the lowest return/repair rates in the firearms industry. Hi-Point produces about 50,000 pistols and 15,000 carbines each year.

.380 Auto2
9 mm3
.40 S&W1
.45 Auto6
10 mm1
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