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Israel Weapon Industries Ltd.
64 Bialik Blvd.
Ramat Hasharon Israel
+97 2 3 760 6000
IWI US, Inc.
5480 Linglestown Rd
Linglestown PA 17112

About the Manufacturer:

It is said that this Israeli company dates back as far as 1933 during the British Mandate in Palestine, when the Jewish underground at the time resorted to manufacturing illegal weapons. IWI is actually a recent (2005) privatization of the former Israel Military Industries (IMI) Small Arms Division, which has been a leading weapons manufacturer for over 60 years. This company is widely known for developing the UZI automatic pistol. They developed the 9x21mm pistol cartridge for world markets where civilian use of the 9mm NATO cartridge is not permitted. Additionally, for over ten years IWI(IMI) also manufactured the components for Magnum Research's Desert Eagle Pistols.

9 mm22
.40 S&W9
.45 Auto2
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