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Les Baer Custom, Inc.
1804 Iowa Drive
LeClaire IA 52753

About the Manufacturer:

Seasoned pistolsmith Les Baer Sr. with twenty years of experience, both on his own and with Sringfield Armory, opened the doors to his own custom shop in Illinois in 1992. He brought with him the knowledge and experience to translate his 'one at a time' custom work into a semi-production level yet still retain the quality and performance of the one-man shop. Les Baer specializes in 1911 style pistols as well as AR15 style rifles. Les Baer products are still built by hand, one-at-a-time by quality craftsmen. This special attention to each gun they produce is what garners their premium price.

9 mm5
.38 Super10
.45 Auto45
10 mm2
.400 CorBon5
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