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Phoenix Arms
4231 E. Brickell St.
Ontario CA 91761

About the Manufacturer:

Taking their name from the history of Raven Arms, which went out of business after a fire, Phoenix Arms is considered to have risen from the ashes of Raven. Phoenix Arms went as far as to purchase Raven’s pistol designs. Despite the popularity of the Phoenix Arms handguns, there are still a lot of shooters who believe that a firearm is only as good as its price tag. Phoenix only makes two types of pistols; both are semi-automatic and they vary in barrel lengths and calibers. These two firearms are chambered in .22 LR, and .25 auto calibers. Since the trend of concealed carry has hit the majority of American states, the Phoenix Arms .25 auto, or better known as the HP25 has become a must-have for the frugal concealed carry enthusiast.

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