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Randall Firearms
Out of business 1985
Sun Valley CA
No Phone No.

About the Manufacturer:

Randall Firearms was the manufacturer of all-stainless 1911 style pistols located in Sun Valley, California. They were in business only from June 1983 till June 1985. Before manufacturing ceased in May of 1985, 24 models with 12 variations in 3 different calibers had been produced. Most of the guns manufactured were in .45 Auto, with a few in 9 mm and .38 Super. While not the first manufacturer to produce an all stainless-steel pistol, they felt they had made advancements in stainless-steel pistol production over others' earlier attempts and advertised their products with the slogan “Randall, The Only Stainless Steel Fit For Duty.” During its short life the company produced just under 10,000 handguns. Though short lived as a manufacturing company Randall was an early adopter of the all-stainless genre, and produced what is still considered a quality line of firearms. The general rarity due to the company's limited production can often generate collectible values for models when they occasionally appear on the market. Even though, they are still considered good shooting weapons today. Although there were quite a few 1911 variants produced, Randall models can be placed into four general families; 1911 Full Size Service, 1911 Full Size Combat, 1911 Service Model-C/Raider and the Curtis E. LeMay 4-Star. These four families are represented in our database for reference. Of the near-10,000 handguns that Randall made a small percentage (under 10%) were produced as mirror images, with everything completely reversed down to barrel rifling, for left-handed shooters.

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