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STI International
114 Halmar Cove
Georgetown TX 78628

About the Manufacturer:

Established in 1980 by Virgil Tripp, a gunsmith and machinist, this Texas-based company manufactures complete M1911 pistols and parts for competition, duty and self-defense. It is most well known for its modular frame guns (so-called because the lower grip and trigger guard, which is made of a fiber reinforced plastic, is a separate component from the metal upper portion of the frame that comprises the dust cover and frame rails). STI and Strayer Voigt Inc. share the patent on the modular frame. In 2019 STI introduced the Staccato brand as the company’s new line of duty and personal defense-oriented pistols. In 2020 the company officially changed its name to Staccato. All new guns using that brand can be found in our database under the manufacturer name Staccato.

9 mm32
9x21 mm2
.38 Super8
.40 S&W19
.45 Auto28
.45 Colt1
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