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KRISS Systems SA
Ch. de la Vuarpillière 35
Nyon Switzerland
+41 22 363 78 20
Kriss USA, Inc.
912 Corporate Lane
Chesapeake VA 23320

About the Manufacturer:

This was a Swiss based manufacturer of high quality pistols used mainly by special forces, elite police units and sports shooters. This machine-tool and engineering company started in the gunmaking business when it acquired gunmaker ITM of Solothurn in 1989, along with the rights to its handgun designs. Sphinx was best known for its ongoing development of the original Czech designed CZ 75 pistol, which has been evolved into the Sphinx 2000 and Sphinx 3000 designs. Sphinx pistols are not mass produced and are fitted to tight tolerances, so Sphinx pistols are more expensive than mass produced products. The Swiss company KRISS Arms Group purchased Sphinx in November 2010. By 2012 KRISS Arms ceased production on all previous Sphinx handgun models and began development of the SDP line of handguns under the Sphinx brand. KRISS USA is the North American extension of the Swiss based KRISS Arms Group. Product development, manufacturing, and distribution currently take place across the US, from Virginia to California.

.380 Auto3
9 mm28
9x21 mm9
.40 S&W9
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