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Fratelli Tanfoglio S.R.L.
Via Valtrompia 39/41
Brescia Italy
+39 030 8910623
Italian Firearms Group
18250 W. Interstate 40
Amarillo TX 79124

About the Manufacturer:

This Italian company was founded just after World War II. The production started with only gun parts, receivers and hammers, but in 1953 the first short-barrel gun, a .25 cal (6.35 mm) pistol went into production. After 8 years the firm 'Fabrica d ármi Tanfoglio Giuseppe' was founded. Today Tanfoglio manufactures a wide variety of high quality semi-auto pistols. While mostly distributed in Europe, there have been several private label imports of their products into the US.

.25 Auto1
.22 LR2
.32 Auto3
.380 Auto2
9 mm21
9x21 mm15
.38 Super17
.40 S&W18
.45 Auto17
10 mm15
.44 Rem Mag1
.45-70 Gov1
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