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Fratelli Tanfoglio S.R.L.
Via Valtrompia 39/41
Brescia Italy
+39 030 8910623
European American Armory Corp.
P.O. Box 560746
Rockledge FL 32956-0746

About the Manufacturer:

This Italian company was founded just after World War II. The production started with only gun parts, receivers and hammers, but in 1953 the first short-barrel gun, a .25 cal (6.35 mm) pistol went into production. After 8 years the firm 'Fabrica d ármi Tanfoglio Giuseppe' was founded. Today Tanfoglio manufactures a wide variety of high quality semi-auto pistols. While mostly distributed in Europe, there have been several private label imports of their products into the US.

.22 LR2
.25 Auto1
.32 Auto1
.38 Super15
.380 Auto1
.40 S&W18
.44 Rem Mag1
.45 Auto17
.45-70 Gov1
10 mm15
9 mm17
9x21 mm17
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