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Model Hunter 30
Taurus Revolver Hunter 30 .30 Carbine Variant-1
Scale To:
Gun Dimensions Width:1.775-in
Length:18-in Height:6.2-in
Barrel:12-in Weight:49.8-oz
1 Variant
Gun Rankings
  • Power Factor (110 grain bullet)185130
  • Recoil Factor (110 grain bullet)6.5 ft-lb
  • Total Capacity8 rounds
  • ConcealabilityVery Poor
  • Defense Factor54%
Gun Specifications
Produced:2003 - 2004
Caliber:.30 Carbine
Action:revolving chamber
Trigger:double-action (DA/SA)
Safety:trigger actuated transfer bar
Frame:stainless steel
Grip:black rubber
Sights:patridge front, notched rear
Notes:VR barrel with partial shroud
Forjas Taurus SA
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Gun Value
MSRP:$743.00Used Est:$560.00
Last Update:2/4/2023
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Cartridge Specifications
Cartridge: .30 Carbine
Alias: .30 M1 Carbine
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Ballistics for This Gun
Selected Bullet Mass:110 grains
MV:1683 ft/sec ME:692 ft-lbs
About the Cartridge

This cartridge was developed just prior to WWII for the military to use in its newly selected Winchester semi-automatic 30 M1 carbine. It is basically a modification of the Winchester 32 Self-Loading round of 1906. It is considered in the same class as the 32-20 WCF round with an effective range of about 150 yards.

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