Unique Handgun Detail

Model: Palm-Squeezer Pistol
Caliber:6 mm
Muzzle Vel:650 ft/sec
Length:4.0 inBarrel:1.5 in
Weight::9.0 ozCapacity:10 rounds

This unique "assassin's" style palm pistol was originally patented in Paris, France by Jaques E. Turbiaux in 1882. palm-pistol-b.jpgThe pistol's firing chambers are arranged around an internal rotating disk with the cartridges all pointing outwards.

The pistol is held in the palm of the hand with barrel protruding from between the middle fingers, and is fired by squeezing a spring loaded lever into the back of the gun. This lever had a 'double action' operation that would rotate the trurret before firing the next round.

This style of gun is commonly known as a turret revolver. Turbiaux developed a 10 round version for the 6mm Protector cartridge and a 7 round version for the 8mm Gaulois cartridge.

palm-pistol-c.jpgAs a close range weapon the palm pistol's multiple round capacity far outclassed the two rounds of the common Derringer.

In 1883 Turbiaux obatined a US patent for his gun. Soon afterwards the Minneapolis Firearms Company began producing a 7 round version under patent license called the Protector for the US cartridges .32 Centrefire Extra Short (.32 Protector) and .32 Rimfire Extra Short.

Palm guns of this type are rare today and typically go from $1500 - $2000 US on auction sites.