Unique Handgun Detail

Standard Mfg.
Model: Volleyfire Revolver
Country:United States
Caliber:.22 Magnum
Muzzle Vel:
Length:Barrel:1.24 in
Weight::18 ozCapacity:8 rounds

This is a new 21st century revolver currently on the market and set at a reasonable price point. Under normal circumstances we would put this gun in our standard database. But, it is just so unique we had to put it here.

The most unique feature is that it's a two barrel revolver. The revolver holds 8 rounds of .22 Magnum ammo, but it fires two rounds at a time for every trigger pull. That gets you 4 double shots from a loaded cylinder.

Another unusual feature of this revolver is the absence of a full trigger guard. Then there's the unique double-action only trigger that is designed to be pulled with two fingers, not one.