Unique Handgun Detail

Model: Frommer Baby
Caliber:6.35 mm
Muzzle Vel:800 ft/sec
Length:4.8 inBarrel:2.3 in
Weight::14.0 ozCapacity:6 rounds

Fegyvergyar is a common name for the Hungarian state firearms factory in Budapest that is best known for Mannlicher rifles and the Roth-Steyr pistol. Rudolf Frommer was one of the factory's designers and engineers and was with the firm from 1896 until 1935. This 'Baby' model from 1912 was basically a smaller version of the Frommer 'Stop' service pistol which began production in the same year.

It worked on the system known as long recoil, in which the barrel recoiled almost its full length before returning, leaving the breechblock to come forward after it, stripping a cartridge from the magazine and chambering it. This independent movement of barrel and breechblock made it necessary to have two separate springs, both of which were housed in the separate spring cylinder above the barrel.