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Fabrique Nationale Herstal, SA
Voie de Li├Ęge 33
Herstal Belgium
+32 4 240 81 11
7918 Jones Branch Dr.
McLean VA 22101

About the Manufacturer:

This company was set up in 1889 by a consortium of Belgium gunmakers in order to manufacture Mauser rifles under license for the Belgian Army. In 1897 FN began a decades-long partnership with John Moses Browning, the most innovative firearms designer in modern history. Within a century it had become one of the worlds major gunmakers. In 1907 FN began the official use of the Browning name in conjunction with their firearms. Most of what FN produced was based on John Browning's designs until the 1970s when they began developing designs of their own. In 1982 FN opened a manufacturing facility in South Carolina to support a US military small arms contract. In 1988 FN became sole owner of Browning USA. Today FN continues to produce both military commercial firearms for the US market from their South Carolina plant.

.32 Auto2
5.7x28 FN7
.380 Auto2
9 mm49
.40 S&W16
.45 Auto13
10 mm2
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