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Zastava Arms
4 Kosovska
Kragujevac Serbia
+381 34 301 137
Century International Arms, Inc.
430 S. Congress Ave. Suite 1
Delray Beach FL 33445

About the Manufacturer:

The Serbian state arms factory was created in the early 1900s with assistance from Fabrique Nationale. It has continued to function ever since, changing ownership with the political shifts of the area. Since 1989 it has had a stable presence in the English-language commercial market as 'Zastava Arms'. Today the company produces a complete range of hunting, sports and self-defense weapons. While mostly sold in the European markets, Zastava models have been sold in the US under the Charles Daly, and more recently, the European American Armory labels.

.25 Auto1
.32 Auto1
7.62x25 Tokarev1
9 mm7
.40 S&W4
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