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Model Official Police
Colt Revolver Official Police .38 Spl Variant-6
Scale To:
Gun Dimensions Width:No Data
Length:10.75-in Height:No Data
Barrel:6-in Weight:36-oz
Variant 6 of 6
Gun Rankings
  • Power Factor (158 grain bullet)127348
  • Recoil Factor (158 grain bullet)3 ft-lb
  • Total Capacity6 rounds
  • ConcealabilityPoor
  • Defense Factor47%
Gun Specifications
Produced:1947 - 1969
Caliber:.38 Spl
Action:revolving chamber
Trigger:double-action (DA/SA)
Safety:hammer block
Frame:blued finish steel
Grip:checkered walnut w/medallion
Sights:fixed blade and notch
Notes:post-war issue
Colt's Manufacturing Company, LLC
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Gun Value
MSRP:No DataUsed Est:$800.00
Last Update:8/27/2023
About the Gun

Colt's Official Police revolver is based on their larger I-frame, previously used in their New Army revolver. Options included barrel lengths of 4, 5, and 6 inches and a choice of blue or nickel finish. While most of the revolvers were chambered for the .38 Special, Colt also offered it in .22 LR, .32-20, and .41 Long Colt. Their were two production issues; a pre-war and a post-war. The pre-war models had a rounded half-moon front sight, checkered trigger, hammer, and cylinder release, and the old style cylinder retention system. The post-war models had a ramped and serrated front sight, a new shaped hammer with grooves, and the new cylinder retention system.

Cartridge Specifications
Cartridge: .38 Special
Alias: .38 Smith & Wesson Special
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Ballistics for This Gun
Selected Bullet Mass:158 grains
MV:806 ft/sec ME:228 ft-lbs
About the Cartridge

Developed by Smith & Wesson and introduced along with its Military & Police Model revolver in 1902, this was originally a military cartridge intended to replace the unsatisfactory .38 Long Colt then in use by the Army. Colt brought out its own version of the .38 Special in 1909, which differs from the original only in bullet shape, being a flat-point style. The .38 Special is considered one of the best-balanced, all-round handgun cartridges ever designed. It is also one of the most accurate and very widely used for match shooting.

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Colt Official Police
By Xhair on 21 Oct 2021
The Official Police was a continuation of the Army Special which was introduced in 1908. It has nothing to do with the New Army, nor is it an I frame. It is an E frame. The I frame came after the Official Police and used a frame-mounted firing pin (the Python is an I frame). The Official Police is slightly larger than the Smith K frame and it isn’t “little” by any standard. I’m betting the previous reviewer has a Police Positive which is the smaller D frame. The Official Police is a fine revolver and Colt sold thousands of them to law enforcement over its long manufacturing period.

4 of 5 Stars
4" barrel .38. Post War
By Ohenry on 03 May 2021
A little beauty as are most Colts of this era. Great shooter, accurate. Easy to use for a person with smaller hands. My wifes' favorite. But I don't want to give it up.