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-- Colt --

There are 142 pistols and 97 revolvers from this manufacturer in the Handgun Database.
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Colt's Manufacturing Company, LLC
PO Box 1868
Hartford CT 06144-1868

About the Manufacturer:

Established in 1847 by its namesake, famous gunmaker Samuel Colt, the company really made its long and successful mark with the production of its .36 caliber Navy Revolver of 1851. Colt died suddenly in 1862 during the Civil war, but the company went on to make a huge fortune supplying guns for the war. The company has had its ups and downs throughout its history; financial difficulties, strikes, lock-outs and acrimonious mergers. Eventually, management buyout restored an independence and the company has slowly regained its strength and reputation returning to the virtues that made Colt's name.

.22 Short1
.25 Auto8
.22 LR37
.32 Auto5
.32 S&W Long10
.380 Auto16
.32-20 Cal3
.38 Spl30
.38 Spl +P2
9 mm22
.38 Super13
.40 S&W1
.44 S&W Spl3
.44-40 Win3
.357 Mag25
.45 Auto67
10 mm6
.45 Colt11
.44 Rem Mag3