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Model 23 Gen4
Glock Pistol 23 Gen4 .40 S&W Variant-1
Scale To:
Gun Dimensions Width:1.18-in
Length:7.28-in Height:4.99-in
Barrel:4.02-in Weight:23.65-oz
1 Variant
Gun Rankings
  • Power Factor (180 grain bullet)180180
  • Recoil Factor (180 grain bullet)9.53 ft-lb
  • Total Capacity14 rounds
  • ConcealabilityGood
  • Defense Factor88%
Gun Specifications
Produced:2010 -
Caliber:.40 S&W
Action:recoil operated semi-automatic
Trigger:striker single-action (SA)
Safety:'Safe Action' trigger safety
Frame:black polymer
Grip:integrated polymer
Sights:fixed, white dot front, white square U rear
Notes:polygonal rifling
Glock Ges.m.b.H.
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Gun Value
MSRP:$599.00Used Est:$475.00
Last Update:12/17/2023
About the Gun

The Gen 4 series of Glock pistols were introduced in 2010. Like most new polymer framed pistols the Gen 4 series features interchangeable grip inserts. The Gen 4 series also incorporates a dual recoil spring assembly, a feature only in previous generations' compact models. Other features include a reversible magazine release, a Tenifer matte finish slide and new grip texture. Changes in the Gen 4 design are significant enough such that not all parts can be mixed and matched with previous Glock generations.

Cartridge Specifications
Cartridge: .40 Smith & Wesson
Alias: N/A
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Ballistics for This Gun
Selected Bullet Mass:180 grains
MV:1001 ft/sec ME:401 ft-lbs
About the Cartridge

This cartridge was developed as a joint venture between Winchester and Smith & Wesson. It was an effort to to create a cartridge with the same power as the 10mm Norma round that the FBI had just started using, but in a shorter case. The shorter cartridge would facilitate accuracy and allow use of a smaller, more comfortable grip frame. The .40 S&W has become the cartridge of choice for many law enforcement agencies in the United States.

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By ForrestsCavalry on 06 Sep 2020
What can you say 'bout GLOCK that ain't been said already? Fantastic pistol that is as tough as a Sherman tank and very accurate with .40 cal knockdown power. Has been my nightstand handgun for the past half decade. 100% confident that my GLOCK 23 will function each and every time. The G23 is my SHTF pistol, enough said.