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There are 72 pistols and 0 revolvers from this manufacturer in the Handgun Database.
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Glock Ges.m.b.H.
Nelkeng 3
Deutsch-Wagram Austria
+43 2247 90300 0
6000 Highlands Parkway
Smyrna GA 30082

About the Manufacturer:

Founded by Gaston Glock in 1963, this precision-engineering business surprised the world in 1983 by winning a contract to provide 25,000 pistols for the Austrian army - having never made a pistol before. This venture met with great success however, and Glock's guns have acquired such a sound reputation for reliability and simplicity that subsidiaries have been opened in the US, Hong Kong and Uruguay. By the year 2000 more than 2.5 million guns had been sold to military and police forces in a hundred countries.

.380 Auto3
9 mm26
357 SIG8
.40 S&W13
.45 Auto10
.45 GAP4
10 mm8
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