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Model 37 Gen4
Glock Pistol 37 Gen4 .45 GAP Variant-1
Scale To:
Gun Dimensions Width:1.3-in
Length:7.95-in Height:5.51-in
Barrel:4.49-in Weight:28.95-oz
1 Variant
Gun Rankings
  • Power Factor (230 grain bullet)198260
  • Recoil Factor (230 grain bullet)8.89 ft-lb
  • Total Capacity11 rounds
  • ConcealabilityFair
  • Defense Factor85%
Gun Specifications
Produced:2010 -
Caliber:.45 GAP
Action:recoil operated semi-automatic
Trigger:striker single-action (SA)
Safety:'Safe Action' trigger safety
Grip:integrated polymer
Sights:fixed, white dot front, white square U rear
Glock Ges.m.b.H.
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Gun Value
MSRP:$614.00Used Est:$475.00
Last Update:12/17/2023
About the Gun

The Gen 4 series of Glock pistols were introduced in 2010. Like most new polymer framed pistols the Gen 4 series features interchangeable grip inserts. The Gen 4 series also incorporates a dual recoil spring assembly, a feature only in previous generations' compact models. Other features include a reversible magazine release, a Tenifer matte finish slide and new grip texture. Changes in the Gen 4 design are significant enough such that not all parts can be mixed and matched with previous Glock generations.

Cartridge Specifications
Cartridge: .45 GAP
Alias: .45 Glock Automatic Pistol
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Ballistics for This Gun
Selected Bullet Mass:230 grains
MV:862 ft/sec ME:380 ft-lbs
About the Cartridge

A joint development program by Glock and Speer resulted in the .45 Glock Automatic Pistol. This new cartridge was designed by GLOCK to be used in the medium frame sized GLOCK 37 semi-auto pistol. It is based on the .45 ACP pistol cartridge, but is shorter, having the same overall length as a 9 mm Luger or .40 S&W. The .45 GAP operates at a higher pressure than the .45 ACP to make up for the smaller chamber volume. It was first believed that the traditional .45 ACP loading of a 230-grain bullet at 830 ft/sec would not be possible in the .45 GAP, but careful gunpowder selection on the part of ammunition manufacturers has realized that standard.

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