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There are 45 pistols and 5 revolvers from this manufacturer in the Handgun Database.
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High Standard Manufacturing Company
Out of Business 2018
Houston TX 77092
No Phone No.

About the Manufacturer:

In 1926 this engineering company was formed in Connecticut to make gun-barrel drills. The company bought the manufacturing assets of the defunct Hartford Arms & Equipment Co. in 1932 which allowed High Standard to enter the handgun business by simply putting the Hartford design back into production under a new name. Improving on the Hartford design, the company quickly gained a reputation for accuracy. During World War II commercial production was suspended while they manufactured military training pistols as well as pistols fitted with silencers for clandestine military use. They resumed commercial operations after the war but stiff competition from foreign imports put them out of business by 1985. In 1993, High Standard Manufacturing Company, Inc. of Houston, Texas acquired the company assets and trademarks perpetuating the Hi-Standard name and reputation on to present day. Update: In May of 2018 High Standard Manufacturing closed its doors and is no longer in business.

.22 Short2
.22 LR305
.38 Super1
.45 Auto12
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