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Carl Walther GmbH
Im Lehrer Feld 1
Ulm Germany
+49 0 7 31 15 39 0
Walther Arms Inc.
7700 Chad Colley Blvd.
Fort Smith AR 72916

About the Manufacturer:

Founded in 1886 by Carl Walther, this German company originally manufactured hunting and target rifles. It was not until 1908 that, under the initiative of Fritz Walther, the oldest son of Carl Walther, they began to make pistols. In 1929 they began to make the popular 'police pistols' or PP models. This was followed in 1931 by the first of the PPKs (Polizeipistole, Kriminalmodell). In 1938 the German Reich awarded Walther the contract to produce the 9mm P38 service pistol. After World War II, Walther was reduced to just a collection of designs and patents. But Fritz Walther started anew and began manufacturing in Ulm in southern Germany. The company resumed production of the P38 (renamed as the P1) in 1957 in order to equip the new West German Army, the Bundeswehr, with sidearms. In 1993 the Walther firm was acquired by Umarex of Arnsberg, who continued to manufacture under the Walther name in Ulm and Arnsberg. In 1999, Smith & Wesson and Walther announced a joint plan to distribute Walther branded firearms and accessories in the United States under the name Walther America.

.25 Auto7
.22 LR20
.22 Mag (WMR)1
.32 Auto13
.380 Auto23
9 mm60
.40 S&W14
.45 Auto1
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